Ian Sharp: Meditation Guide

Meditation Guide

Ian Sharp

I am Ian Sharp, the founder of MindfulLife.online. My focus is on assisting people who are suffering from isolation and anxiety. By learning to be mindful and following guided meditations, it is possible to find the freedom to live in the moment and keep events in perspective.

How May I Help You?

Whether you need a quick meditation to heal stress or anxiety, or to learn more about mindfulness or altered states with online courses, I can help. 

Full Moon Meditations

Every full moon I release a new, free, guided meditation to dissolve stress and anxiety and help you to deal with the global pandemic.

Online Learning (coming soon)

Introduction to Mindfulness, Dissolving Stress and Anxiety and further courses written by Ian Sharp, professional lecturer and online learning specialist.

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Whether you simply wish to support my work, or receive personalised meditations and other approaches to dissolving stress and anxiety, the way to do so is to become a Patreon. 

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