“I transform your experience of the world.” 

Free Guide to Mindfulness for Inner Wisdom

Transform Stress and Burn-Out

Mindfulness reduces stress. When you’re focused on your breath and living in the now, your mind relaxes and can operate at a more sophisticated level — that is, beyond your survival mode; beyond polarised thinking and knee-jerk reactions.

Access your wisdom and discover new insights. You may have noticed being too close to your thoughts and seen how that can lead to missing your big picture. For example, visualising how you will be living, thinking and feeling in 12 months; allowing you to think and feel your future right now.

Mindfulness is a commitment made today to create your new tomorrow.

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Who I Am

I am Ian Sharp. I always thought I could deal with whatever life threw at me. I discovered that wasn’t true – on my own, I couldn’t. We cannot. Academically - MA in Education and PGCEA.

What I Do

I am an online teacher and a meditative storyteller. I specialise in transforming stress and burn-out. I am professional in attitude and service.

How I Do It

I practice mindfulness and meditation every day. I draw upon my years of teaching adults to create courses. I study meditation, mindfulness and Buddhism.