Mindful Coaching by Ian Sharp

“I help people shift their thinking so they can resolve stress
and change their experience of the world.”

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Resolve Stress and Burn-Out.

Coaching reduces stress. When you’re engaged in a coaching conversation, your mind relaxes and can operate at a more sophisticated level— that is, beyond the survival mode that creates polarised thinking and knee-jerk reactions.

Breakthrough and Transformation.

By offering a completely new vantage point, a coach allows you to access your wisdom and discover new insights. We can get too close to our thoughts and miss the big picture. For example, visualising how we will be living, thinking and feeling 12 months from now can allow us to think and feel the future right now.

Mindful Coaching is a commitment to your future self. You’ll benefit greatly when you show that commitment in every coaching session, in every day, and in every action you take.

Who Does Ian Work With?

Ian specialises in working with professionals who are experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety and burn-out. Beyond these immediate issues, Ian’s style of Mindful Coaching enables you to change the way you experience the world and rethink reality.

Start Now!

So you can discover how coaching will benefit you, every month I set aside some time for those who want real change. If you’re in need of a breakthrough, if you’re struggling with stress, if you wish to begin to see the world differently, claim your 30 minute coaching call on me.

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[Hesitating? Still your mind, take a deep breath, and silence your inner critic.
It’s time to grow by stepping outside of your comfort zone.]

Who I Am

I am Ian Sharp. I always thought I could deal with whatever life threw at me. I discovered that wasn’t true – on my own, I couldn’t. We cannot.

What I Do

A Mindful Coach; online teacher; a creator of guided visualisations; a writer about mindfulness, meditation, and other aspects of the human spirit.

How I Do It

I practice mindfulness and meditation every day. I draw upon my years of teaching adults. I continue to study, and apply learnings, from the masters.