Meditation in the park

Meditation in the park

Sunday meditation in Ouse Valley Park was peaceful, blissful and restorative.

We sat for a few minutes, closed our eyes, and became lost in meditation. The sounds of nature were all around us; birds, running water, the gentle breeze through the trees. A train in the distance. A jogger, breathing heavily, his feet crunching on the path; a few minutes later, the same jogger on a return journey. A bike zooming past and seeming startingly loud against the natural background. Our granddaughter sometimes talking, wondering if she could splash in the stream.

Hearing all these sounds and more. Letting them go. Bringing attention back to my breathing; back inside.

Opening my eyes. Feeling calm, restored, at peace with the world.

An intention: Whenever possible, in whatever surroundings, to sit for a few minutes and meditate. To sit for a few minutes and enjoy being alive.

Another intention: When next in Ouse Valley Park, to record the sounds; bottle them and take them with me. Use as a background for a visualisation.

Originally posted 11/07/2019 on my previous website, ‘Inner Wisdom’.

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