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What’s stopping you moving away from thinking yourself into stress … and towards a more relaxed and Mindful Life – a more optimistic view? It’s your choice, so chose to be positive.

Remember, mindfulness and meditation aren’t about emptying your mind. When people tell me they “can’t meditate”, they usually mean they’ve sat in silence for a few minutes and found themselves thinking about what to have for supper, what’s going to happen at work later, or other stray aspects of their lives. That’s a common experience, natural, and will keep happening no matter how many hours of meditation you have engaged with.

There’s no solution to be found by switching the mind off and on again as you would with a computer. The brain isn’t a computer. There’s nothing to solve anyway.

By reading this blog, and studying my courses and guided meditations, you’ll learn from first principles how to live a mindful, low stress, life.

I’ll also post personal reflections on what is happening in my own life. As an experienced teacher, I recognise the danger of appearing to have all the answers – especially with personal development. Each of us has a different experience of the wild and crazy adventure we call life. If there’s a shared experience it’s being thrown a curveball the moment we think we’ve got everything under control.

One source of stress is believing there’s a state of perfection. More than ever before in this chaotic world there is no perfection. We can allow ourselves to be more mindful of how our thoughts are serving – or failing to serve – us.

Finally, comments are switched on for this blog, so do leave your thoughts. I will be moderating posts; let’s prove it’s possible to have a civilised exchange of views, even on the internet.

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