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A Mindful Approach to Coronavirus

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Taking a mindful approach to Coronavirus can be a challenge. Here’s a few thoughts.

Stay informed and aware by checking your most trusted source of news. Avoid the live scrolling updates that amplify every minor change in the story to a major crisis. Just now there are many unknowns so it’s natural to feel anxious. Don’t feed your anxiety.

Is what you have read or heard credible? Does it apply to you or your community?

Be a generous-spirited member of your community. A regular, thorough, 20-second hand-wash does something to protect the most vulnerable as well as reducing your own chances of becoming infected. Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Keep stocks of all the food and other supplies you need – and no more. Over-buying gives us a sense of control in chaotic times.

It’s easy to talk about ‘community’ in the normal run of events. Now we’re discovering if we really live in a community or not. We can come out of this coronavirus pandemic stronger if we choose that path.

We don’t have to follow the herd. To be mindful is to be an independent thinker. If you stand still in the street, look up, and point for long enough, other people will become curious and look too. A small crowd may gather. Yet you’re not looking at anything remarkable at all.

Keep up your mindfulness practice. Keep meditating as much as you can. Live in the now. If you feel worried by the news, ask yourself if all is well, for you, now, in this moment? Does anything in the news really apply to you? If it does, take the practical steps required. If not – have empathy and love for those affected and return to your own mindful state.

Check your neighbour is okay.

Stay well,

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