About Ian Sharp

About Ian Sharp

Hello! I am Ian Sharp, the founder of Mindful Life. I work with people who are suffering from excessive stress and, by teaching mindfulness and meditation, enable them to dissolve stress and live in the moment.

I’ll soon be launching the first of a series of online courses. Each course teaches the foundations of creating a mindful life as well as integrating guided mediations and other thought experiments.

Ian Sharp: Mindfulness Consultant

My online courses flow from my extensive experience of teaching adults (active since the 1980s) and of designing learning for leading online educational organisations. I apply adult learning theory to ensure Mindful Life courses are a true, deep, learning experience.

I aim to keep my courses accessible, engaging and portable; my course designs are frequently audio only in recognition of mindfulness meditation as a closed eye process. Video is used in explanatory lessons when it adds to the learning experience. Less is more.

I also offer mindfulness workshop sessions in organisations and as a full-day adult education/community learning course. Contact me if you would like to know more about this.

2020 also sees a series of guided meditations, including a free ‘Relax into Calm’ monthly audio (launching in March) designed to enable a calm response to world events.

When you’re seeking a way to deal with stress – either your own or within your organisation – do contact me and I’ll be happy to consult on the best mindful approach.

Live well,

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