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I am Ian Sharp, the founder of MindfulLife.online. My focus is on assisting people suffering from stress, anxiety and (in these viral days) isolation. By learning to be mindful and following guided meditations, it is possible to find the freedom to live in the moment and, in doing do, keep events in perspective.

During 2020 I’m launching a series of guided meditations, including ‘Relax into Calm’ every full moon, designed to open up your thinking for calm responses to world events.

The effects of Covid-19 seem likely to be felt for a long time to come. As we emerge, the answer is not to go ‘back to normal’. We must learn from this, lay down new patterns, and go forward as we change on the inside change the world.

I studied extensively with The Open University. I have first-hand experience of distance and online learning both as a student as well as a tutor. With the OU I gained BA and MA degrees and at the University of Surrey a qualification in the education of adults. I then taught in further and adult education for many years, including mindfulness and personal development courses.

As an advocate of online learning, I’m developing a series of online mindfulness meditation courses. I am currently mid-way through my qualification for teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

My courses are accessible, engaging and inspirational. The nature of mindfulness and meditation means my courses use more audio than is commonplace in online learning. Meditations are often closed eye processes.

Naturally, I am still learning now and continuing to apply the knowledge and skills gained in my previous career. It feels wonderful to be free and able to guide my own destiny (subject to any other plans the Universe may have …)

I’m also a writer. My mindful storytelling, as well as articles about ancient wisdom, will find a home in a separate section of this site. Some stories will be exclusively available for Patreons.

I live in Olney, Buckinghamshire with my partner Jane and border collie Maisie. I relax by practicing Qi Gong, reading, and listening to many genres of music. I’ll be learning to play guitar soon, only 40 years after my previous attempt. I’m also learning to use virtual synthesisers which will sometimes feature in the backing tracks of my guided meditations.  

I hope you will join me in these adventures.

Stay well,


Stay well,

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