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I transform your experience of the world.

I began practicing mindfulness and meditation after an experience at work that left me stressed and feeling burnt out. As a manager in a large college of further education at a time of deep change I thought I could deal with whatever life threw at me. This wasn’t true – on my own, I couldn’t. We cannot.

Casting around for a solution I read many self-help books. Initially, my answer seemed to be hypnosis and I trained as a hypnotherapist. In the mid-2000s I was living in Wales and I established a successful practice. Happy, enjoying the trance state, and glad to be free of the conventional world of work.

Around the same time, my soul mate, Jane, became increasingly interested in mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Buddhism (they all overlap – see the FAQ page). I found great benefit in these approaches too and my work evolved to include guided visualisations and other meditative practices.

In 2012 we moved to Milton Keynes. I taught introduction to mindfulness in adult education, while also working as a contract learning designer. My teaching experience, as well as 30 years as a lecturer and tutor working with adults, now informs my services at Mindful Life.

Mindful Life is my contribution to the world as well as my living. If what I do resonates with you, please support me by buying a course or guided mediation  – or consider becoming a Patreon. I’m also committed to adding free resourses regularly.


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