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Last Modified: 3/15/2007 If you have any questions or concerns about is document, please contact Microsemi Technical Support: https://soc.microsemi.com/Portal. When running post syn esis simulation, all defined packages are supplied to ModelSim. Since a file defines bo package and sub-module, e post syn esis simulation fails because e sub-module is defined twice. i.e. in e package file and in e syn esized netlist. Solution/Workaround: Work-Around. e pre-syn esis simulation results in ning messages (similar to ose above) for any instantiated sequential components. is is due to mismatches in e timing arcs of e simulation library introduced by e components package files in Libero v2.3 or Designer R1-2003. o er syn esis tool, and VHDL simulator softe. Chapter 3 - Generating Netlists contains information to allow you to generate a netlist using Synopsys, ACTmap, or o er syn esis tool. Chapter 4 - Simulation wi MTI V-System or Model Sim contains information and procedures about simulating for Actel. 5 Introduction is VHDL Vital Simulation Guide contains information about using e Model Technology V-System or ModelSim, Mentor Graphics QuickHDL, Cadence NC-VHDL, Viewlogic SpeedWave, and Synopsys VSS to simulate designs for Actel devices. Actel makes no ranties wi respect to is documentation and disclaims any implied ranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Information in is document is subject. e Actel Quick Start Guide for Libero IDE contains information for using e Libero IDE softe to create designs for, and program, Actel devices. is manual includes information about e Libero IDE softe, which allows you to generate and/or import a netlist generated from a ird-party CAE tool, perform pre-syn esis simulation. e Actel HDL Coding Style Guide is divided into e following chapters: Chapter 1 - Design Flow describes e basic design flow for creating Actel designs wi HDL syn esis and simulation tools. Chapter 2 - Technology Independent Coding Styles describes . Feb 25,  · Compile Simulation LibrariesFPGA simulation libraries should be compiled before doing post syn esis or post PAR simulationFPGA simulation libraries contains definition of logic components used in e simulation modelCompiled FPGA simulation libraries are independent on e simulated design and can be used as much as e FPGA. In Libero e default entity name for e test bench is 'testbench'. As a consequence when ddc is root and if you run a post syn esis simulation, Libero outputs in e do file run.do as follows: vsim -L postsyn -t 1ps postsyn.testbench. add wave /testbench/*. When performing post-syn esis and post-layout simulation in ModelSim, customers observe ‘unknown’ signals in eir design. However, ese signals are defined in pre-syn esis simulation. Symptoms: is problem usually affects components such as registers, counters, state machines, etc. Laser Range Finder Using Actel's Axcelerator FPGA 7 Post-Layout Simulation After design implementation is completed, verify at your design meets timing specifications by performing e post-layout simulation. Figure 8 illustrates best-case conditions, and Figure 9 on page 8 shows e same simulation under worst-case conditions. Running post syn esis and post layout simulation of a design wi package files. Description: When you run post-syn esis simulation, all source files are not passed to Modelsim. Only syn esis/top_level.vhd is passed along wi testbench.vhd. If e top level file and testbench uses package file en simulation will fail. in an Actel FPGA is ree 2:1 MUXes and an OR gate). Try doing at using traditional techniques, and you'll see at pen-and-paper succumb to e almighty syn esis tool. at doesn't mean at you don't have to ink anymore, however. e issues wi in digital design using FPGAs and syn esis tools wi VHDL are different, but just as critical. Create a new directory tree called \Actel\Vlog\src in your ModelSim installation directory. Copy e source library you downloaded from e Actel website into e src folder you just created. 2. Post-Syn esis Simulation vlib work_postsyn vmap work./work_postsyn. Actel designs using HDL syn esis and simulation tools. Design Flow Illustrated Figure 1-1 illustrates e HDL syn esis-based design flow for an Actel FPGA using ird party CAE tools and Designer softe. 1. Actel-specific utilities/tools are denoted in black in Figure 1-1. Design Creation/Verification Silicon Explorer Data I/O System. Actel's customers have come to expect e best in FPGA syn esis over e years, said Jim Davis, Vice President of Softe and Systems Engineering at Actel. Synopsys is a valued, best-in-class supplier, and we are very pleased to be able to continue to . In PLL simulation (pre-syn, post-syn and post route) some output frequencies do not show up as expected. .. 20 38. Post-syn esis and post-layout simulation gives invalid results for e INOUT bus. Step 3 - Design Syn esis/EDIF Generation A design must be syn esized if e design was created using VHDL or Verilog. Use Synplify or Synplify Lite from Synplicity to generate your EDIF netlist. You can re-verify your design post-syn esis using e VHDL or Verilog ModelSim for Actel simulator used in step 2. While all RTL code must be. Invoke e ModelSim for Actel simulator by double clicking e ModelSim for Actel Simulation button in e Libero IDE Process window or by selecting example1 in e Libero IDE Design Hierarchy tab en right clicking and selecting Run Pre-Syn esis Simulation (Figure 15). Note: if you ran 2. 3. Window and select Run Post-Syn esis Simulation. e ModelSim for Actel Verilog Simulator will open and compile e source file and e testbench. When e compilation completes, e simulator will run for 1 us and a Wave window will open to display e simulation results. Scroll in e wave window to verify e counter works correctly. Libero SoC generates a gate-level VHDL netlist from your EDIF netlist for use in post-syn esis pre-layout structural simulation. e file is available in e /syn esis directory if you wish to perform simulation manually. Structural Simulation Perform a structural simulation before placing-and-routing. HDL code line by line. Designers can perform simulation at all levels: behavioral (or pre-syn esis), structural (or post-syn esis), and back-annotated, dynamic simulation. (ModelSim is supported in Libero Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Eval only.). e VHDL Vital Simulation Guide contains e following sections: Chapter 1 - Setup contains information about setting up ModelSim and Cadence VHDL simulator. Chapter 2 - Design Flow describes how to use e VHDL design flow to design an Actel device using e syn esis . Lab 5: VHDL Syn esis to FPGA In is lab you will: design a chip containing a traffic light controller, using VHDL (submit a state diagram) perform functional simulation wi out circuit delays. use Actel Actmap softe to syn esize a netlist from e VHDL code targeted for an FPGA. for e RTAX-S from e beginning to e end. Actel’s Designer softe generates e fuse file for e commercial Axcelerator prototype device (Figure 1). Figure 1 • e RTAX-S Prototyping Design Flow RTAX-S Step Axcelerator Step Start Pre-syn esis Simulation Post-syn esis Simulation Designer Place-and-Route Post-Layout Simulation End. e Product Engineering Team at Logic Fruit provides turnkey FPGA Design Services for multifaceted gate designs for FPGAs from Xilinx, Altera, Quicklogic, Actel, Cypress and Lattice.. Logic Fruit capabilities extend from specification to FPGA to system, wi expertise spanning RTL Design, Verification, Floor planning, Timing Closure, design validation and system-level validation. 03,  · For e reference I am attaching.v file wi test bench and e snapshot of pre-syn esis and post-syn esis simulation. Please give me e solution of. Nisarg Shah wrote: I am using ACTEL (Microsemi)'s 54SXA family's A54SX32A FPGA..So can you say at whe er it supports initial value or not as I have referred e datasheet but. simulation. We also introduce efficient me ods for handling non-sphericalbubbles,whichoccurfrequentlyinnature.O erprevious liquid sound syn esis me ods provide limited physical basis for e generated sounds [Imura et al. 2007]. Harmonic Fluids: Concurrent wi our work, [Zheng and James 2009] coupled a fluid simulator wi sound syn esis. Actel's comprehensive FPGA design and development softe combines e latest design creation and Designer physical implementation tools from Actel plus best-in-class syn esis and verification tools from leading EDA vendors into a single package. Actel Corporation 2061 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone: 650.318.4200 Fax 650.318.4600 Post-syn esis simulation of all state machines in e design will detect e fault, if it is present. In e fault condition, e defective state machine will be non-functional and will not simulate. Sunnyvale, Calif.– ch 31, 1998–Actel Corp. and Synplicityhave jointly developed a seamless syn esis me odologyin Synplify 3.0c at allows radiation-hardened andradiation-tolerant FPGA designers to quickly and easily meet e tight single event upset (SEU) requirements specified in e next generation of communication, military, deep space, and planetary mission satellites. 40282 93642-945599141 Synplify Pro Post-syn esis simulation failed wi SynplifyPro 20.09A-1 & speed_grade=STD. Synopsys and Mentor Graphics Tools e following versions are included wi Libero IDE v9.2. Future releases of Synopsys ME tools will be released stand-alone as ey become available. Back-Annotated Simulation. Before you can run a back-annotated simulation, you have to prepare several files. First, copy your toplevel.edo file to ano er name, for example: cp toplevel.edo toplevel_final.edn It's important to copy to a file wi.edn extension. Now, providing you ran your. 25, 2008 · Hi all. I am making a design for an IGLOO FPGA from Actel and I have have added a Two Port RAM component in Libero (e development tool). Here I can choose to Customize RAM Content and have imported an Intel Hex File. is works perfectly in simulation, but not post-syn esis and layout simulation. For e post-syn esis VHDL simulation you need to comment e following lines in e vhdl netlist generated just after syn esis: for all: A7SUse entity work.A7S(DEF_ARCH). e Component Base Address in e generated Memory Map is correct but some of e Register descriptions not correspond wi e information in e relevant Datasheet. 3. Change e Libero SoC Tool Profile for Syn esis (Libero SoC Project Tool Profiles Syn esis) to point to e location of e newly-installed Synplify Pro executable (in e Synplify install folder, bin/synplify_pro.exe ) 4. Make sure at e updated tool profile for Syn esis . 32146 - ModelSim uses wrong source code during post-syn esis simulation. 32786 - Making changes on global nets and running Layout in incremental mode. 32873 - Segmentation Fault When Exiting Designer After Launching and Closing MVN. 33081 - Libero is unable to recognize e top level code. WILSONVILLE, Ore., t. 7, 2005- Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT), today announced support for Actel's new RTAX4000S device in all of Mentor's advanced syn esis tools and solutions. e RTAX4000S is e industry's highest density radiation-tolerant field-programmable gate array (FPGA) for space designs. Libero IDE support for CoreConsole generated IP cores. CoreConsole (version 1.2) can be used to generate IP cores and manage Actel DirectCores. Libero easily imports e CoreConsole IP XML files into e project and en creates VHDL libraries for passing to e syn esis and simulation tools. 21, 2009 · is feature allows you to probe internal nets and see eir values during simulation, bo pre-/post-syn esis and post-layout. Wi out is feature, e net names can change during syn esis or in Designer, and you would need to update e test bench wi e updated net names. Actel accounted for is device IDCODE update in e Libero. Default simulation resolution - Simulation resolution is now based on device family. e faster Actel devices (Flash, SX-A, and Axcelerator) have a default simulation resolution of 1 ps. All o er families are 1 ns. You want to shorten e default simulation run time when simulating faster Actel devices. 14, 2007 · IMHO doing post syn esis (or post translate) simulation for verifying behavior an doing a post place and route static timing analysis is sufficient and less resource consuming an doing a timing simulation. at reminds me of my first Radition Tolerant 20 from Actel, at &266083. 00 a pop ( years ago) .. ose were e days. BAE Systems’ RH 20B wi Actel designer softe Brings toge er silicon, syn esis, and simulation to create a complete and integrated design environment for designing BAE Systems’ FPGAs. • Integrated development environment including simulation, syn esis, and . IDE CAD tool, Synplify tool is used for syn esis, Netlist Viewer for generation of Netlists and Timer for Static Timing Analysis. e unit testing of each module and integration testing of e system is performed by simulation in MODELSIM 6.6d and by actual harde implementation on Actel ProASIC3 FPGA. Complete design flow support for CoreMP7, Actel's FPGA optimized soft IP ARM7 microprocessor core, providing. Import and integration of CoreConsole generated CoreMP7 files into a design project. Syn esis and verification of e CoreMP7 sub-system wi Synplify AE and ModelSim AE. A high level of encryption to safeguard e CoreMP7 and user IP from unau orized viewing and/or usage. BAE Systems’ RH1280B wi Actel designer softe Brings toge er silicon, syn esis, and simulation to create a complete and integrated design environment for designing BAE Systems’ FPGAs. • Integrated development environment including simulation, syn esis, and place-and-route tools for designs fewer an 50k gates. FPGA, CPLD and system level simulation in VHDL utilizing: ModelSim, and Viewlogic speedwave simulators. FPGA and CPLD syn esis performed wi Exemplar and Synopsys. Tellium Inc. Oceanport, NJ. 11/1999 – 5/2000: FPGA/VHDL Designer. Actel Modulator Data Formatter FPGA including requirements definition and design reviews, using Modelsim simulation, Synopsys Design Compiler syn esis, Actel Designer place and route and timing.Title: Senior FPGA/ASIC Designer at .

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