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Description: In Designer 6.2, we have introduced a new automatic clock placer for ProASIC3/E families. It enables you to place e chip global and quadrant global automatically. e automatic placer places e clock driver macros according to its internal ordering. Actel Fusion FPGA devices offer a powerful, low-delay global network scheme and have extensive support for multiple clock domains. In addition to e clock conditioning circuits (CCCs) and phase-locked loops (PLLs), ere is a comprehensive global clock distribution network called e VersaNet global . Actel recommends at e automatic global demotion only act on small fanout nets. Actel recommends at you drive high fanout nets wi a clock network in e design to improve timing and routability. Promote regular nets whose fanout is greater an: Enables global clock promotion of nets to global clock network. By default, is option is OFF. In is document, e ProASIC3 is considered e Device Under Test (DUT). e DUTs will be monitored for Single Event Transient (SET), Single Event Upset (SEU), and potential destructive induced faults during heavy ion beam exposure. 2. BACKGROUND 2.1 e ProASIC3 Device Architecture and Design Building Blocks e ProASIC3 is a flash based FPGA.Missing: global clock meeting. ProASIC3 devices offer 1 kbit of on-chip, programmable, nonvolatile FlashROM memory storage as well as clock conditioning circuitry based on an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL). e A3P030 device has no PLL or RAM support. ProASIC3 devices have up to 1 million system gates, supported wi up to 144 kbits of true dual-port SRAM, and up to 288 Missing: global clock meeting. ProASIC3 offers six chip (main) global networks at are distributed from e center of e FPGA array (Figure 2-9). In addition, ProASIC3 devices have ree regional globals in each of e four chip quadrants. Each core VersaTile has access to nine global network resources: ree quadrant and six chip (main) global networks, and a total of 18Missing: global clock meeting. • Segmented, Hierarchical Routing and Clock Structure • Ultra-Fast Local and Long-Line Network • Enhanced High-Speed, Very-Long-Line Network • High-Performance, Low-Skew Global Network • Architecture Supports Ultra-High Utilization Pro (Professional) I/O • 700 Mbps DDR, LVDS-Capable I/Os. 3 /1780-14 ICTP-INFN Advanced TraniningCourseon FPGAand VHDLforHarde SimulationandSyn esis 27 ember-22 ember 2006Missing: global clock meeting. (synchronous to arate clocks named RCLKS and WCLKS), has registered outputs and uses e generate parity feature. Basic Memory Configuration Every memory on a chip be configured independently as dual- or single-port SRAM or FIFO. is includes e possibility of synchronous and asynchronous SRAMs or FIFOs configured side-by-side. In all of. ProASIC3 DC and Switching Characteristics Global Tree Timing Characteristics Global clock delays include e central rib delay, e spine delay, and e row delay. Delays do not include I/O input buffer clock delays, as ese are I/O standard–dependent, and e. e ProASIC3/E FPGA devices offer extensive memory resources at can be used as ei er RAM or FIFO. e memory blocks operate strictly in synchronous mode for bo read and write operations, meeting e needs of high-performance designs. e read and write clocks . Actel Japan EXOS Ebisu Bldg. 4F 1-24-14 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan Phone +81.03.3445.7671 Fax +81.03.3445.7668 Actel Hong Kong Two Pacific Place 88 Queensway, Admiralty Hong Kong Phone +852.2185 6460 Fax +852.2185 6488 Related Documents Application Notes ProASIC3/E FlashROM (FROM)Missing: global clock meeting. February 2008I 2008 Actel CorporationProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAswi Optional Soft ARM SupportFeatures and BenefitsHigh Capacity• 15 k to 1 M System Gates• Up to 144 kbits of True Dual-Port SRAM• Up to 300 User I/Os datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and o er semiconductors.Missing: global clock meeting. Actel ProASIC3/E e Lowest Total System Cost wi ProASIC3/E Flash FPGAs Single-Voltage Solution Once e ProASIC3/E device has been programmed, and assuming 1.5 V I/O standards are used, e device can be powered from a single 1.5 V supply. Unlike some SRAM FPGAs, ere is no requirement for a 2.5 V or 3.3 V supply for power-up. e FPGAMissing: global clock meeting. AC283: Implementing Global Reset for ProASIC PLUS In-System Programming Applications App Note: 83 KB: 9/2006: AC300: ProASIC to ProASIC PLUS Design Migration App Note: 1 KB: 5/2007: AC306: Using ProASIC PLUS Clock Conditioning Circuits App Note: 130 KB: 8/: AC309: In-System Programming ProASIC PLUS Devices App Note: 1 MB: 11/. Radiation-Tolerant ProASIC3 Low-P ower Space-Flight FPGA Overview 1-2 Advance v0.2 technology, an RT ProASIC3 device is able to retain device SRAM and logic while dynamic power is reduced to a minimum, wi out e need to stop clock or power supplies. Combining ese features provides a low-power, featur e-rich, and high-performance solution Missing: global clock meeting. clock conditioning circuitry based on an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL). e A3P015 and A3P030 devices have no PLL or RAM support. ProASIC3 devices have up to 1 million system gates, supported wi up to 144 kbits of true dual-port SRAM and up to 300 user I/Os. ProASIC3 devices support e ARM7 soft IP core and Cortex-M1 devices.Missing: global clock meeting. Apr 01, 2005 · 38402 - Clock placer puts clocks in regions wi insufficient I/O resources (ProASIC3E and AX devices) 42854 - Designer crashes when compile option - demote global nets is turned on (ProASIC3 and ProASIC3E devices). CCC Figure 2-27 • Example of Global Tree Use in an A3P250 Device for Clock Routing Figure 2- example of a global tree used for clock routing. e is driven by a CCC located on e west side of e A3P250 device ProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAs Central Global Rib. Using ProASIC3 Clock Conditioning Circuitry. Using Global Resources in ProASIC3. ProASIC3 RAM/FIFO Design. Using ProASIC3 Security Options. Implementing Multipliers in PA3 using RAM. ISP for PA3 using FlashPro3. OEM Tools. Synplify AE 7.7.1 Syn esis Synplify AE 7.7.1b introduces full syn esis support for e new ProASIC3 families. Waveformer. written consent of Actel. Actel makes no ranties wi respect to is documentation and disclaims any implied ranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Information in is document is subject to change wi out notice. Actel assumes no responsibility for any Missing: global clock meeting. ProASIC3 devices have up to 1 million system gates, supported wi up to 144 kbits of true dual-port SRAM and up to 300 user I/Os. ProASIC3 devices support e ARM Cortex-M1 processor. e ARM-enabled devices have Actel ordering numbers at begin wi M1A3P (Cortex-M1) and do not support AES ryption. Diagram. A3P030-1QNG48I DiagramMissing: global clock meeting. [3] Actel Corporation, Using ProASICplus Clock Conditioning Cir cuits, Application Note, . 2004. [4] Actel Corporation, ProASIC3(E) Flash F amily FPGAs, Datasheet, . 2005. [5] V. ProASIC3 nano Device Overview 1-6 Revision 8 programming file support is also included to allow for easy programming of large numbers of parts wi differing FlashROM contents. SRMissing: global clock meeting. Buy A3P250-1VQG 0T1 ACTEL, Learn more about A3P250-1VQG 0T1 ProASIC3 FPGA family, View e manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for e A3P250-1VQG 0T1 at Jotrin Electronics.Missing: global clock meeting. Actel's CoreMP7 is a soft IP version of e popular ARM7TDMI-S at has been optimized to maximize speed and minimize size in Actel's M7 ProASIC3 and M7 Fusion Flash-based FPGAs. Wi CoreMP7, Actel is bringing ARM7 to e masses wi no upfront licensing fees and no royalties.Missing: global clock meeting. Similarly, e Actel ProASIC3 devices provide 6 global clocks and 3 local clocks per quadrant and e Xilinx Virtex 5 devices provide 32 global clocks and local clocks. e global clocks in e Virtex 5 are not connected to flip-flops directly. instead, e global clocks drive local clocks wi in each region. • A net information report displays information ab out global clock nets, quadrant clock nets, local clock nets, high fanout nets, and e nets at are candidates for local clock assignment I/Os I/O attribute support for ProASIC3/E is significantly improved over previous versions. 2008I 2008 Actel CorporationRadiation-Tolerant ProASIC3 Low-Power Space-Flight Flash FPGAswi Flash*Freeze TechnologyFeatures and BenefitsMIL-STD-883 Class B Qualified Packaging• Ceramic Column Grid Array wi Six Sigma Copper-Wrapped Lead-Tin Columns datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated Missing: global clock meeting. ank you for your interest in Actel's Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) v7.2. Fusion and ProASIC3 Placement Enhancement Provides 8 Performance Improvement. When you go to e Nets tab in e MultiView Navigator and select a global net and en run Local Clock Assignment on it, a region is created as expected. Note at for e design D1, events wi disrupted I/O channels are not counted for is comparison. Figure 17 shows e clock global cross-section. it is acquired simply by measuring e difference between e designs D2 and D3. Figure 17: A3P250-PQ208 Global Clock Cross-Section Radiation-Tolerant ProASIC3 FPGAs Radiation Effects 19. ProASIC3 Device Family Overview1- 6v1.0In addition, every SRAM block has an embedded FIFO control unit. e control unit allows eSRAM block to be configured as a synchronous FIFO wi out using additional core VersaTiles. eFIFO wid and dep are programmable. e FIFO also features programmable Almost Empty(AEMPTY) and Almost Full (AFULL) flags in addition to e normal Missing: global clock meeting. Sana Rezgui MAFA Meeting, Palm Beach, FL 11/27/07 13 ˝$ + & &, 032 DFF- SEU Global Clock - SET IOs - SET SEU in DFF can be mitigated by TMR At low frequency (2 MHz), no SET was observed on e IOs (including e Clock). At 16MHz, SET on e IOs (including e Clock) were seen only at very high LET (68 MeV/cm2/mg). Actel Fusion is e world's first mixed-signal FPGA, integrating configurable analog, large Flash memory blocks, comprehensive clock generation and management circuitry, and high performance programmable logic in a monoli ic device.Missing: global clock meeting. Request Actel A3PN125-ZVQG 0: FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 125K System Gates ProASIC3 nano online from Elcodis, view and download A3PN125-ZVQG 0 pdf datasheet, Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) specifications.Missing: global clock meeting. Request Actel A3P125-TQG144: FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 125K System Gates online from Elcodis, view and download A3P125-TQG144 pdf datasheet, Embedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) specifications.Missing: global clock meeting. A3P 00 ProASIC3 Flash Family FPGAs ProASIC3, e ird-generation family of Actel Flash FPGAs, offers performance, density, and features beyond ose of e ProASICPLUS family. e nonvolatile Flash technology. to 1 Million System Gates to 144 kbits of True Dual-Port SRAM to 288 User I/Os 130-nm, 7-Layer Metal (6 Copper), Flash-Based CMOS Process Live-At-Power-Up Level 0 Support Single Missing: global clock meeting. Actel was founded in 1985 and became known for its high-reliability and antifuse-based FPGAs, used in e military and aerospace kets. In 2000, Actel acquired GateField which expanded Actel's antifuse FPGA offering to include flash-based FPGAs. In 2004, Actel announced it had shipped e one-million unit of its flash-based ProASIC PLUS FPGA.Missing: global clock meeting. Flash-based ProASIC3 Devices Meet E Ink's Price, Power and Footprint Needs. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., e 8, 2006 — Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) today announced at its flash-based ProASIC3 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have been selected by E Ink Corporation for use wi in its next-generation electronic paper display controllers.. Providing e flexibility of re Missing: global clock meeting. Actel's new ProASIC3L family offers e unique combination of low dynamic and static dynamic power wi high performance. Dynamic power is critical in applications where clocks are constantly switching and providing input to an FPGA, such as high-speed data . ProASIC3 and ARM7-ready ProASIC3 FPGAs contain 1,024 bits (128 bits x 8 pages) of on-chip user nonvolatile flash memory and six clock conditioning circuits, including up to six on-board analog phase-locked loops (PLLs). e devices support up to eight I/O banks wi up to 616 I/Os and up to 19 advanced single-ended and dual-ended I/O standards. New 15,000-gate Devices Are Attractive for Power- and Price-sensitive Applications. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., February 19, 2008 — Directly addressing design requirements for programmable solutions at meet ever-tightening power and cost budgets, Actel Corporation today announced e addition of two new members to its ad-winning IGLOO and successful ProASIC3 field-programmable gate array Missing: global clock meeting. Actel Corp. announced e availability of e ProASIC3 starter kit and e sampling of its 250K-gate A3P250 FPGA. e company unveiled dual versions of e starter kit to help ease design implementation and offer low-cost, full-speed programming for e A3P250 device.Missing: global clock meeting. 05,  · Libero SoC Design Suite is a softe suite designed by Microsemi to offer high productivity wi its comprehensive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-adopt development tools for 3rd and 4 Generation Microsemi FPGA devices, including Microsemi's IGLOO2, S tFusion2, RTG4, S tFusion, IGLOO, ProASIC3 and Fusion families.Missing: global clock meeting. Buy A3PE3000-FG896I ACTEL, Learn more about A3PE3000-FG896I ProASIC3 Flash FPGA 3M System Gates,FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array 3M System Gates, View e manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for e A3PE3000-FG896I at Jotrin Electronics.Missing: global clock meeting. e RT ProASIC3 FPGA is based on e ProASIC3EL family of low power FPGAs. Microsemi's proven Flash*Freeze technology enables RT ProASIC3 device users to shut off dynamic power instantaneously and switch e device to static mode wi out e need to switch off clocks or power supplies, and retaining internal states of e device.Missing: global clock meeting. Automotive ProASIC3 devices offer 1 kbit of on-chip, reprogrammable, nonvolatile FlashROM storage as well as clock conditioning circuitry based on an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL). Automotive ProASIC3 devices have up to 1 million system gates, supported Missing: global clock meeting. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., ust 11, 2008 — Extending its low-power leadership and e reliability benefits of its higher density flash-based FPGA technologies, Actel Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTL) today announced it has added new ProASIC3 and ProASIC3EL FPGAs to Missing: global clock meeting.

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