Insight Timer: An Excellent Resource for Meditation

Resource for meditation: Insight Timer logo

An excellent resource for meditation has become a new ritual. Every morning, even before I have coffee, I open Insight Timer and sit in their Daily Insight. This is a short session (around 5 mins if you have a free account, up to 20 mins if you are a member) and the teacher and topic changes every day. Without exception, so far, these have been an excellent start to my day.

To give you an insight, topics over the past five days have been ‘Your Journey to Self Love’; ‘Trust the Flow of Life’, ‘Love Frequency Sound Meditation (528 Hz), ‘Connect to Your Inner Joy’, and today it was ‘Grounding Attention in the Present’.

If you can spare just five minutes (10 mins. on a Sunday – go on, treat yourself) this is such a beautiful way to ease yourself into a day of creating your own reality. The app tracks your consecutive days of meditation, the time you have invested, and more. You need to touch a button to say you’ve finished, and I’ll admit this morning my meditation was recorded as 50 minutes because I fell asleep (well … it was early.)

I do encourage you to create an account at Insight Timer and experience these audio meditations. You’ll also find other material there including courses, music, talks, a timer (of course) for your own meditative practice – as well as audios for children and for beginners. There’s plenty of free material, and some (such as courses) is accessed via a yearly subscription at £55.99 (the first seven days are free). There’s enough high-quality free material to keep you happy for a long while.

I know, you’re now expecting me to declare my affiliate relationship with Insight Timer. Well, when I decided to post I did search for their affiliate programme and couldn’t find one. So, this is simply a recommendation from a very satisfied user.

Given my interest in creating online courses based on mindfulness and meditation, and as I’m currently writing many of my own guided meditation audio programmes, naturally my plan is for Insight Timer to feature some of my work in the future. After reviewing their requirements for teachers submitting material, I know they are committed to quality both of content and recording.

For now, I’m only there as a customer. There is a social aspect that allows you to see who is accessing this resource for meditation at the same time as you, add friends, and create groups. When you see I’m online, do join me and say hi.

Meditation in the park

Meditation in Ouse Valley Park (image from The Parks Trust)

Sunday meditation in Ouse Valley Park was peaceful, blissful and restorative.

We sat for a few minutes, closed our eyes, and became lost in meditation. The sounds of nature were all around us; birds, running water, the gentle breeze through the trees. A train in the distance. A jogger, breathing heavily, his feet crunching on the path; a few minutes later, the same jogger on a return journey. A bike zooming past and seeming startingly loud against the natural background. Our granddaughter sometimes talking, wondering if she could splash in the stream.

Hearing all these sounds and more. Letting them go. Bringing attention back to my breathing; back inside.

Opening my eyes. Feeling calm, restored, at peace with the world.

An intention: Whenever possible, in whatever surroundings, to sit for a few minutes and meditate. To sit for a few minutes and enjoy being alive.

Another intention: When next in Ouse Valley Park, to record the sounds; bottle them and take them with me. Use as a background for a visualisation.

Originally posted 11/07/2019 on my previous website, ‘Inner Wisdom’.