Dissolve Stress with Mindfulness

Dissolve Stress with Mindfulness: Online Learning by Ian Sharp, MA in Education, PGCEA

The online mindfulness course by Ian Sharp

With a seemingly ever-increasing pace of business comes the risk of stress.

For your successful career or business growth to continue, it’s vital to find a way to deal with stress and keep everything in balance.

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent approach – in just a few minutes every day – to dissolve your stress.

Why ‘dissolve’ stress? Well, stress can feel like a hard lump in your stomach or chest. As you begin to develop a mindful habit, the lump dissolves. You’ll still be left with a small element of stress that doesn’t fully break down because sometimes being under a little stress is helpful. For example, it can motivate you to meet a deadline … and then mindfulness enables you to restore your balance and feel refreshed.

In this course, you will:

Learn how to recognise when you are under stress or at risk of burn-out

Practice mindfulness meditation techniques to dissolve stress

Create your own daily mindfulness meditation practice for use at home or at work

Use guided meditations to build a calm approach to living in the now