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Have You Been Panic Buying?

I’d love you to read this post with honesty and an open mind.

I know what to you is ‘common sense stocking up’ is panic buying to others. I would think not many readers raised their hands to the charge of panic buying. If you’ve been buying every toilet roll you can find, hand sanitiser, bags of pasta, or whatever, then you’re panicking.

This post is a request.

Please be kind.

Please think of those who cannot panic buy if even they felt they needed to.

Not everyone has a car to go around every supermarket in town and beyond in full hunter-gatherer mode.

Not everyone has a bank account with enough funds to over-buy, even if it balances out by buying less later.

Not everyone is strong enough to elbow their way to the last packet, or confident enough to take just one item from your trolley when you already have ten multi-packs in there.

There’s a Buddhist practice called ‘metta’ or lovingkindness. The focus is on care, friendliness, goodwill, and benevolence.

These difficult times are precisely when we need to be coming together as a community; being friendly, looking after each other, being kind. And, from what I see around me, that is how the vast majority of people are behaving. It’s just a small minority that have watched too many movies about the apocalypse and now think looking after number one by storming a supermarket is necessary.

We don’t know how the coronavirus is going to play out. Being prepared for the worst is understandable and natural.

But we also need to think about others.

Sit still and think for a moment.

Do you feel okay? In this moment, do you feel okay? Is all well? (If you do not, what help is available? Or are you not okay simply because you may have less then four months supply of pasta? Be honest.)

Do you know your neighbour has all they need, or could they be struggling?

Be mindful. Be kind.

Practice lovingkindness, even in these – especially in these – difficult times.

What do you think?

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