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Feb 04,  · Khushi carried e serving dish to e dining table. As she approached, Arnav pulled e chair next to him back. Nani looked up hearing e sound of e chair being pulled. She saw Arnav looking at Khushi and she looked away, smiling. Khushi’s eyes met Arnav’s and she blushed. She walked to Aarav, who was sitting across e table from Arnav. At first Khushi was hesitant around Arnav, later she started to share ings to him. She found a friend in him. She felt guilty for lieing to him. She knows at she . 23,  · Arnav stared at e Prakashes and ey looked down. He glared at Khushi, and snarled, Fine. I will add ose to your job description as well. He glared at Aarav, who moved behind Khushi again. Arnav turned around and walked back into e house. As Arnav disappeared into e house, Aarav jumped up and down cheering. Khushi smiled. 23,  · Arnav slid his aviators back on dropping Khushi at her kitchen. His eyes mirrored e torment he felt wi. Why was every meeting wi Khushi frht wi so much emotion? Why did e sadness in her eye permeate his soul and make him feel so . 17,  · Khushi gulped. Arnav pointed his index finger at her, fuming. You have to teach him ma, science, hindi and English, not play wi him. Do I need to write it down so at you won’t forget it again? Khushi pursed her lips, annoyed. Arnav added, almost in a whisper. Don’t you dare defy me, again, Ms.Gupta. 30,  · e Guardian Angel – Part 5 He turned to Nani and said, Nani, I have a meeting in Agra today, so I won’t be home until late. Please eat dinner, take your medicines on time and go to sleep. Don’t wait up for me. Nani smiled and nodded. Arnav took a few steps to e living room. arnav khushi n aarav r super cute! poor arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada is coming in an executive look to e e restaurant 4 finalising a deal. But only god knw t it is his life changing deal.arnav who is accompanied wi his clients & PA suddenly bumped wi someone. Yes she is none o er an Khushi Ku i Gupta who bumped into e mighty ASR. Khushi, ok guys come I will introduce u to Arnav ji. ey all work tod parking and see Arnav is standing eir wi black glasses and taking support from car busy wi his phone. Khushi see her Arnav ji and in happiness shouted. Khushi, Arnav ji!. ASR look upd and see at his jaan is standing eir wi her new frnds. 19,  · Khushi followed her gaze and saw Arnav walk down e stairs. Just en, he looked at her, eir eyes met. Khushi froze. ere was some ing powerful about his gaze. Arnav become shocked heard her revelation and angry but his first perioty is his khushi. ASR, ssshhsss chup jaan mein kuch nhi kru ga okay now stop crying sshhhss.(sshhss stop jaan ok i won'y do any ing okay now) Khushi, ap humein chor KR nhi jyein ge na.hide her face in his coat securely.(you won't leave and go ever na.). 15,  · 1st Collision- e Prince's Khushi Damn it! Arnav cursed as he tripped over some ing on e street. Who e hell put at er- CHT YOU HAHAAH! He was ae of a sudden flash of colour and jet black hair before some ing pounced on him and knocked him backds. He and his attacker slid down e Missing: guardian. Main. Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada, husband of Khushi, bro er of Anjali. (–) Sanaya Irani as Khushi Ku i Gupta Singh Raizada, wife of Arnav, adopted dhter of Garima and Sashi, sister of Payal. (–) Recurring. Vishesh Bansal as Aarav Singh Raizada, adopted son of Arnav and Khushi. () Dalljiet Kaur as Anjali Singh Raizada, sister of Arnav, wife of Shyam jha.Missing: guardian. 24,  · In between wrapping gifts and planning how to woo her back home, Arnav fondly remembers his first meeting wi small town girl, Khushi who slowly made way into his heart and life. Watch Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Hindi Romance TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now.Missing: guardian. Khushi had not given it too much ought. Most of e times she used to bumble and get really nervous talking to him. Add at wi her crashing into Arnav at eir very first meeting in years, she was sure Arnav really considered her a clumsy fool. And what did she consider him? A friend? She didn't know.Missing: guardian. 20,  · Khushi became a soo ing balm for Arnav’s never healing wounds. Arnav could never forget e place ey were going. It was e first time he had got worried about Khushi’s safety. It was e first time he frantically searched for her. It was e first time he called her Khushi, not Miss Gupta or Khushi Ku i Gupta. e meeting wi Ranawat Khanna came to an end. He specially came from Paris, to meet ASR and to his luck Arnav accepted to work wi him in his next fashion show. To celebrate is good news, Arnav was invited to dinner wi him and his team. It's quite late no Mr.Khanna.. Arnav said wi a polite smile. Ohh young boy please accept my. 24,  · Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Season 12: Khushi-Arnav, ree years later! - Arnav Singh Raizada wakes up one fine morning and doesn’t find his wife, Khushi by his side. Instead, he finds a very angry message from her. Now, what has ASR done to spite her? Well, he’s forgotten eir ird wedding anniversary! In between wrapping gifts and planning how to woo her back home, Arnav Missing: guardian. 31,  · Arnav closed his moist, red eyes, cursing himself for having hurt Khushi. He had asked her to leave him, go far away from him and his family. But he had never imagined at she would leave him here and go so far away, to ano er world where he did not exist. 18,  · Arnav looked at Khushi and whispered, You don’t want to know. Khushi looked at him as well, and eir noses brushed against each o er. Khushi stood up straight. Ok, I will meet you outside in 5 minutes. Arnav stood up. Khushi stepped back and looked away. Arnav cut Missing: guardian. Arnav and Khushi are as different as chalk and cheese. While Arnav is rich and arrogant, Khushi is bubbly and well-mannered. In eir first meeting, eir worlds clash into a of words. But soon enough, eir intense hatred for each o er turns into a blissful love. Khushi is a bubbly, innocent, loving girl whom e arrogant Arnav has rubbed. 28,  · Khushi: oh I see. She goes to arnav. Khushi: u don’t have any rights to interfere in my personal. Arnav: so at is real. Khushi: I don’t have any compulsions to answer u. if u dare u prove it in studies not like. Khushi goes to e teacher’s table. Khushi: hello friends, I know at ere is a person who informed u at I am. 07,  · Happy 2nd Anniversary Khushi’ smiled Arnav. Khushi was in tears now. She couldn’t believe at Arnav had remembered e date of eir first meeting too. ‘Of course, Khushi. Didn’t I tell you? I remember each and every ing about e moments I spent wi you.’ Khushi smiled and hugged Arnav. After some time, ey returned home from Missing: guardian. 04,  · Well Telebuzz is back wi e latest happenings of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.. You last saw at after Arnav and Khushi meet e kidnapper harasses Khushi.. Well you . 22,  · Garima sees Daadi and goes home. Arnav not only enters e temple for e first time, he participates in e puja to make Khushi happy. On learning at e family is at e temple, Anjali invites Shyam to Shantivan. Shyam tells her at he is fed up of meeting her secretly. Watch Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Hindi Romance TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. 28,  · e white SUV was speeding away on e Yamuna Expressway, heading tods Agra. Arnav and Khushi had started early in e morning for is road trip. Arnav had a meeting in Agra and ided to take Khushi along to spend e evening at e Taj Mahal. Khushi was rilled, as is way, while Arnav was at e meeting, she would also be able to spend some time wi Preeto, who now Missing: guardian. 14,  · Arnav Khushi RE RY in Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon 14 ust roobieeuncensored. Sultan Ahmed And Anastasia's First Meeting. Magnificent Century: Kosem - Missing: guardian. Arshi FF centering Khushi 2 strangers who became e dictators in her life. Arnav and Lavanya What will happen to Khushi when bo Arnav and Lavanya fights wi each o er to have e whole of Khushi for emselves? Cover credit to Taani. 😘 arnav arshi aryaarshi ipkknd khushi lavanya lgbt obsession wattys. Apr ,  · IPKKND Khushi hilarious revenge on Arnav Starplus Khushi and Arnav have a close hit and miss. Khushi apologizes to Anjali for going to e wrong room. She goes to Nani to show e sarees. Anjali introduces Khushi, who also hails from Lucknow, like Nani and Manorama. Khushi impresses Nani in no time. Khushi en learns at e house belongs to Missing: guardian. Read 1: Meeting Her from e story Passion: Arshi by Fiona_Arshi (Fiona🖤) wi 6,902 reads. love, arnav, ipkknd. I wanna dedicate my first chapter to my most. 17,  · We last saw how Arnav goes to Khushi's house and apologizes to her for hurting her in e past.. Khushi forgives him and ey share a sweet tight hug.. Anjali and NK tease him for meeting Khushi Missing: guardian. 07,  · Plot: Arnav and Khushi are ried about 4 mon s ago PART. Arnav came back from office it was a tough day,he was about to loose e famous contract he has work for,from many years juste because of is KHUSHI KU I GUPTA,she was always in his mind and when he was about to talk in front of e biggest client he ever had,he couldn't find e right words to explain his . Song: Mere Raske Qa Missing: guardian. 19,  · Khushi looked at him wi teary eyes before she replies in low voice Khushi: We can never come toge er again Arnav.. all are Finished.. I have No future but you have.. you are ried.. you have a WIFE Arnav: Stop it Khushi.. No ing is finished. 22,  · Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Season 9: Anjali Invites Shyam Home - Garima sees Daadi and goes home. Arnav not only enters e temple for e first time, he participates in e puja to make Khushi happy. On learning at e family is at e temple, Anjali invites Shyam to Shantivan. Shyam tells her at he is fed up of meeting her secretly. Apr 29,  · ‘Let’s go to Lucknow!’ said Aarav at e dining table. Everybody looked up startled. ‘What, exclaimed Arnav. ‘Yes Dad. I’ve just 15 days holidays left before my school reopens. Nani keeps talking about Lucknow, why don’t we make a visit?’ Khushi and Arnav looked at each o er. Khushi noticed some uneasiness in Arnav’s eyes. ings had settled down for a while. Babuji had Missing: guardian. It had been one mon Arnav & Khushi bo were toge er. ey had gone so many dates after e first one. She was happy having Arnav in her life. He gave her time from his hectic schedules. took her on date minimum ree times in a week. sent rose bouquets & chocolate for her every day to . Arnav lingered till he was e last to leave and as Khushi stepped out e door, he slipped right behind her. Walking in tandem to e car, Khushi was barely ae of any ing but him. e air around her seemed to scorch and she moved instinctively to put some space between em.Missing: guardian. 30,  · Khushi while taking her away turns to see Arnav and leaves! In e car. Arnav and Akash reaches home. Akash is sad and asks him about e meeting, Arnav replies he would manage in Phone. Akash leaves. Arnav gets out of e car and remembers all e words of Payal and recollects his first meeting wi Khushi at e show! 24,  · Arnav Khushi after 3 year .. Arnav wakes up from sleep and calls Khushi. Servant comes and says I can’t tell you as she asked me not to tell you. He says you want to see Khushi’s message. He gives him phone. Arnav looks at Khushi’s video message. Khushi calls him Lord Governor and scolds him for forgetting e day.Missing: guardian. 01,  · Khushi Ku i Gupta don’t you dare. You barely have any makeup on. At least let e lipstick be. Look at me. I have put eye-shadow and bronzer on for Christ’s sake. Yes but it looks good on you, Lavi. You don’t understand. I look tacky in makeup. One tight slap in e face is what’s coming from me to you now.

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