Mindfulness and Meditation FAQ

Is there a difference between mindfulness and meditation?

In this mindfulness and meditation FAQ (frequently asked questions) I’ll answer your questions about living a mindful life. When you have a question, simply ask me.

Mindfulness and mediation are two sides of the same coin. Complementary, overlapping, each with their own purpose.

Meditation encompasses the practice of reaching ultimate consciousness and concentration, to acknowledge the mind and self-regulate it. Techniques and practices to reach this heightened level of consciousness include compassion, love, patience, and of course, mindfulness. So mindfulness is a type of meditation, alongside tantra, yoga, sexuality, silence, breathing, and emptiness.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your full focus to an object – perhaps your breathing, the food you are eating, or the feelings and sentations in different parts of your body.

Is mindfulness best experienced online or face-to-face?

As I specialise in online work, clearly I believe that mindfulness can be experienced very effectively in this way. When you follow along as part of a course, or relax into a guided visualisation, you will find yourself in the right state.

Of course, some people prefer working one-to-one with a practitioner, or gain the right vibrational feel in a group setting. Whatever works for you works for you. When you practice online, of course, you are free to engage what if whenever and wherever is right for you.

What if I cannot meditate, or I do not experience any changes?

It can be difficult, at first, to clear your mind. It’s not something we’re used to doing – in fact, we are deeply used to living life at pace and juggling a hundred thoughts at once. It’s not easy to just stop.

So keep practicing, even if only for a few minutes a day. When you find your mind wandering, notice the thought, just observe it, and return your focus to your breath. Over time you’ll find it gets easier to clear your mind and you can do so for increasing periods of time.

One way in is to listen to guided visualisations that include binaural beats.

Now, do you have a question?

Thank you for reading this mindfulness and meditation FAQ. If there’s more you would like to know, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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