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Rasengan has never even come close to e Kamehameha, like Roshi used it to blow up e moon in freaking Dragon Ball. @PlasticBag said: Lol Kamehameha is a planet busting move. 01, 2008 · Rasengan is a lot stronger an e Kamehameha wave. No matter how strong you are e rasengan can not be blocked like a kamehameha or ki blast. Al ough Goku is awesome and might have a slight chance at beating Naruto and he can fly. Kenshin rocks-I'm a RuroKen otaku! e Kamehameha and Rasengan aren't even comparable. It's like comparing a firecracker (rasengan) to a fucking hydrogen bomb (kamehameha). NO ING in Narutoverse comes even close, or even in e same light-year, to an energy blast from DBZ, much less a goddamn Kamehameha. level 2. razzmanfire-11 points. 4 years ago More an 1 child. 14,  · Kamehameha: e signature attack of e Kame school, and by extension Goku. e user concentrates eir ki into eir cupped hands, en releases into a blast, an energy wave. Can be charged to increase its power, but is requires time. Rasengan. Kamehameha wins hands down. Goku first spirit bomb when he did it in e Tree Of Might would it put e Rasengan to shame. e Rasenshuriken Has a better chance an e Rasengan does. Goku's kamehameha vs.Naruto's rasengan, e ultimate clash! Original conception by means of Franco G. Foti. Feb 13,  · Obviously e kamehameha is almighty but is is just how is had to work out alright. No ing to do wi which anime is better. Hey ere, I've seen a lot of ese rasengan/kamehameha. 05, 2009 · Rasengan vs Kamehameha wave wow at is a great match up:/. be not e Rasengan would stop e Kamehameha wave for a short time but if e user puts more power in it e e Rasengan user is f*ed But if its e Rasenshuriken how it is now where it can be rown en its a pure tie. Ace Active member. Elite. Joined. 30,  · Rasenshuriken vs Kamehameha - Is Naruto or Goku's Attack Stronger!? J-Stars Victory VS - Duration: Goku's 1st kamehameha and Naruto's 1st Rasengan. Side by side comparision. 22, 2006 · Kamehameha and Rasengan - Duration: 0:55. Jerome Productions 2,522 views. Naruto Rikudou And Sasuke's Rinegan Vs Madara Six Pa, Sakura Shocked When She Saw Rinegan EngDub . Apr ,  · Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PC MOD - Naruto Dragon Fist x Kamehameha Custom Moveset Mod Gameplay - Duration: 5:28. wajinshu 95, 3 views. Apr 05, 2006 · You see my rasengan read vs kamehameha was sensible. I just people got ped up in when goku did kamehameha be blew up a car. Failing to realise at each attack had e same amount of power, sigh. Anyway, for is battle kamehameha. if ey had equal power it would be a diffrent story. Gunners, Apr 5, 2006. 07,  · Yahoo y sus Productos. a1b2. a1b2 preguntado en Música y entretenimiento Comics y Animación. hace 8 años ¿kamehameha vs rasengan? pueden mencinar cuaquier variacion del rasengan y kamehameha denme su opinion y digan porque:D. Respuesta Guardar. 12 respuestas. Calificación. Anónimo. hace 8 años. 06,  · Rasengan has been shown to be e stronger technique and was one of e major factors in Sasukes leaving e village. First of all, Chidori is a lightening-based jutsu while Rasengan is neutral. It can have elements molded into it. In Naruto's case, he is a wind user and wind trumps lighteneing. 17, 2008 · Yahoo y sus Productos. Anónimo. Anónimo preguntado en Música y ocio Cómics y animación. hace 1 década. odama rasengan vs kamehameha de goku niño?? si goku niño usara el kamehame ha contra el odama rasengan de naruto, cual ganaria?? Respuesta Guardar. 21 respuestas. Calificación. 01, 2008 · wahhh,jelas 0Xbigbang kamehameha lah wong x kamehameha dari goku sperpsaiyan 4 aja aja udah bisa hancurin satu planet kog apalagi Gogeta Supersaiyan4 (gabungan goku ss4 ama vegeta ss4) kalo ngeluarin 0x Bigbang kamehameha,Bisa kiamat tuh,wkwkwkwk. Secret Jutsu Rasengan Power camera add camera effect, stickers, superpower (explosion, kamehameha, super saizan power, laser, fart, dragon fire ball), face boo (masks, hair), scary zombie and cartoon camera. Anime and manga effect included! Become a superhero wi any free super power and weapon you want! Create amazing Secret Jutsu Rasengan Power photos like sasuke uchiha or . 12, 2008 · Yahoo y sus Productos. Juan Q. Juan Q preguntado en Juegos y aficiones Hobbies y aficiones. hace 1 década. odama rasengan de naruto vs super kamehameha de son goku? que gana el odama rasengan de naruto o el super kamehameha de goku. Respuesta Guardar. 7 respuestas. Calificación. gaia300. Apr 24, 2007 · naruto would counter kamehameha wi rasengan. if goku uses spirit bomb, naruto could use FRS. so u could imagine what would happen if naruto used TKB lol. goku-kamehameha which can b countered wi 1 rasengan vs. naruto? 0KBs- 0 rasengans. goku=pwnd Cloud, Apr 23, 2007. Cloud, Apr 23, 2007 11. Mercury Koopa. 12,  · Naruto would surprise Goku by using Shadow Clones and even making him wonder if he could use e Kamehameha when he sees e Rasengan (note at e Rasengan was created wi e Kamehameha in mind, as e au or was greatly inspired by Dragonball). Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Feb 11, 2008 · e Rasengan needs a steady flow of chakra for it to work,it needs to be active in e user's hand. Once you release you also release e steady flow of chakra and unbalance it would jut disperse. Al ough at kind of does happen once in e filler episode when e go to e mansion and Naruto use e Rasengaa and kind of rows it at e wall. FAQ. A wallpaper or background (also known as a desktop wallpaper, desktop background, desktop picture or desktop image on computers) is a digital image (photo, drawing etc.) used as a orative background of a graphical user interface on e screen of a computer, mobile communications device or o er electronic device. On a computer it is usually for e desktop, while on a mobile phone it. cool what great fusion of powers e kame ha me ha of goku and e rasengan of naruto goruto rocks is awesome and increible congratulations friend is one great work. Reply. Feb 13, . JMBfanart Hobbyist Artist. i remember i said rasen kamehameha as a kid, and i'm glad at somebody actually drew it. Reply. 13, . JMBfanart. 21, 2008 · es obio q el kamehameha de goku se tragaria el rasengan shuriken de naruto ademas naruto no es inmortal ni goku pero la pregunta es cual es mas poderoso y q pueda causar or daño y esta claro q el kamehameha de goku es infinitamente mas poderoso q el rasengan. PD: si fuera una batalla de naruto vs goku seria bueno q naruto saque el kyubi con. 16,  · Why is everyone saying goku win? Naruto series hasnt even finished. If we compare naruto to goku on equal footing (i.e. compare naruto and goku when ey were at e same age) it is clear to see naruto has been on par or even stronger an goku. Lets ignore DBZ because imo e story went so far down hill after friezer. Naruto win in better story, and better streng. 22, 2008 · Hadouken vs. Kamehameha. View Poll Results: Move Voters 123. You not vote on is poll. Hadouken 30 24.39. Kamehameha 93 75.61. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. ninetail fox rasengan! kamehameha SURVIVOR: BLACK URSDAY 9/8/05 e Great MISC Board Massacre Previous LG M1T Logs. 01-22-2008, 12:47 PM 9. 28,  · Luffy vs. Naruto - Luffy because he has haki which is most likely stronger an chakra. He has conquerors haki as an added bonus, so he can just make Naruto faint if he wanted. He can use Busoshoku Haki to harden his skin making it harder to injure using rasengan and o er wind-based attacks. He can sense where Naruto is, and bla bla bla. Apr 08, 20  · Naruto VS Son Goku:NarutoRasengan Baru yg kuat,pasti smua kalah udah jurus awalnya aja kamehameha + spirit ball udah paling dahsyat dari yg laen2nya.. Gabung Yahoo Answers dan dapatkan 0 poin hari ini. Gabung. Pertanyaan Populer. 30, 2008 · Chouji vs. Goten- Goten easily once again. Chouji has no chance against a saiyan, much more a Super Saiyan. Shino vs. Yamcha- Yamcha be weak in e DBverse, but compared to Naruto he's an absolute beast. Shino would be done in wi a single Kamehameha or Wolf Fang Fist. Rock Lee vs. Uub- is is e worst matchup of em all. Feb 13, 2008 · ey are so similar because most of Naruto is based off Akira Toriyama's work. But Goku can levitate, all he needs to do is to stay high enough out of Naruto's range and use kamehamehas. Or he can use a spirt bomb and en teleport away from e planet. Also rasengan from naruto takes too long against super speed goku. 29, 20  · ere is a physical difference between Goku and Naruto Goku looks like hes been bench pressing e ear and Naruto looks as he is physically fit and heal y for his age but don't judge a book by its cover I belive is is Gokus most powerful skills and assets Which is Kamehameha I ink would be a match for a rasengan I ink e kamhameha e. 26,  · Ok, I am a big fan of Naruto and Dragon Ball Z! Compared to ese characters who will win? 1.Naruto (Wi Sage Art and controlled tailed form) vs Goku (Super Saiyan 3) I ink Goku 2.Sasuke (Wi Makeyo Sharingan wi out cursed seal, along wi new techniques) vs Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2) (I ink a tie, I will ink Vegeta) 3. Sakura vs Bulma (I ink Sakura) 4. 03, 2008 · goku: oh naruto's better an me tell me how a rasengan can blow up planets. naruto: tell me how e Kamehameha can blow up buu. goku: no, but e spirit bomb can. naruto: but can you do it wi out o er peoples power. goku: can you be a ninja wi out e fox's power. naruto: (starts to cry) at's not fair. referee: i'll allow it.

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