‘Relax into Calm’ started as a response to ‘normal’ chaos. Politics, money, irrational behaviour … I thought I’d be choosing a different theme every month.

And then came The Virus.

I’ve noticed I’ve been more affected by the energy of the full moon more than ever before. So, at each full moon (starting in June) I’ll gift you a new short meditation.

My focus is on remaining calm; on finding that mental space where you can be empty of your fears and anxieties about Covid-19, panic buying, health care, the health of your loved ones, the politics of all this, and anything else on your mind.

This too will pass. We are all connected. We are all one.

And maybe, just maybe, if we can all stay relaxed and in a calm place, energy will shift.

I have also set up a Facebook group to support you and your meditation practice, also called ‘Relax into Calm’ – join here.

Thank you.

Stay calm and stay well,

Full moon dates for the remainder of 2020

Friday 5 June | Strawberry Moon

Sunday 5 July | Full Buck Moon

Monday 3 August | Full Sturgeon Moon

Wednesday 2 September | Full Corn Moon

Thursday 1 October | Full Hunters Moon

Saturday 31 October | Blue Moon

Monday 30 November | Full Beaver Moon

Wednesday 30 December | Full Cold Moon