Relax into Calm

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‘Relax into Calm’ started as a response to ‘normal’ chaos. Politics, money, irrational behaviour … I thought I’d be choosing a different theme every month. Hmmm …

So, a couple of changes even before I’ve begun. This is no longer monthly but ‘regular’. Meaning at least a couple of times a month you’ll receive a new meditation of between 5 – 10 minutes. My focus is on remaining calm; on finding that mental space where you can be empty of your fears and anxieties about Covid-19, panic buying, health care, the health of your loved ones, and anything else on your mind.

This too will pass. We’re all connected and all one.

And maybe, just maybe, if we can all stay relaxed and in a calm place, that energy will cause a shift.

No woo-woo. No fake ‘cures’ or dangerously misleading advice. Simply a way of finding your calm space and some perspective.

Join the list, using the box top left, and your first meditation will be with you soon.

Thank you.

Stay calm and stay well,

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